My services

Servicing pool tables is what I am  known for, I have been servicing pool tables in Alberta area homes of all shapes and sizes. I can accommodate even the most difficult of situations. 

My pool table services include 

house to house pool table moving and installation 


disassembly for storing

service warranty 

and much more. 

I always ask that my customers try to measure their pool table so that I can give the most accurate quote. Please allow at least 3-5 days time for scheduling, I do understand if you need service short notice and I will try to accommodate your request. 

When I come out to your home to begin disassembly of your pool table I will first check to verify there are not any broken, cracked, or terribly marred pieces to your pool table. I will then thoroughly and fully disassemble and remove your pool table from it's original location.

When I arrive to the pool table final location I will fully reassemble your pool table with either it's original felt or brand new cloth if you opt for it. The table will be completely leveled and playing perfect when it is finished. I offer a 1 year warranty on any service I provide to ensure that you are playing a perfect game for a long time.  

Expertise installation of  COSTCO / RONA / HOME DEPOT / etc




Patio covers

Stan The Man Installation Services buys pool tables 

Typically I am looking for leather drop pocket pool tables, but I do buy all makes, brands, and sizes. Please keep in mind that I cannot always offer top dollar for your pool table. If your pool table is heavily used and shows wear I cannot always offer nearly as much as you sometimes may expect. Unlike selling private party I do need to pickup, recondition, and store the pool table I may be purchasing from you. I invest a certain amount into each used table I sell, I do not want to sell a table that is not in great condition, and if I purchase a used pool table from you I need to make sure it is, or will be in excellent condition at the time it is be sold. 

When contacting me about selling your pool table please email with images of your pool table 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give me a call at (403) 612-0384 or email: